“You got them to think!

You got them to  laugh!

You got them to Sing!

Oh how fabulous!”

(Odetta, May 31, 2008)

Laurianne Fiorentino


Laurianne Fiorentino’s recordings are live concerts, either solo or with a small trio, performed in the historic Santuario de Guadalupe Mission in Santa Fe, the oldest shrine to The Dark Goddess in the USA. Scattered amongst these are studio explorations and collaborations¬†with musicians and voices of nature.

Laurianne’s instrumental (bamboo flute) and invented vocal recordings (meditational/shamanic) are live and improvised.

Visit this site often for new music, new videos, new recordings, and new postings of Laurianne Fiorentino’s original paintings and photographs of her homeland and abroad.

Site presently being built ( MAY 2014 ) Thanks for your patience!

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